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Why contentiSCAPE ?

contentiSCAPE®'s Content Development services provide higher ROI by managing cost. This is not only achieved by effectively putting to use cost arbitrage because of client location, but also by incorporating where possible, these elements in our delivery:

How do we know it works?

After each phase, we put our plan into action. We ensure that at every stage, our product meets client requirements and that training goals are met. In addition to this, our lead instructional designer and subject matter experts are on the job. When contentiSCAPE partners with a client, we promise that our solutions will be world class, effective and meet training targets.

Analyze Existing Assets

At contentiSCAPE, we almost always prefix development with a discovery phase that identifies and organizes existing assets. We repurpose your existing assets- printed material, Instructor Led content in variable formats, PowerPoints, workbooks, facilitator guides etc. to reduce development time.

Put stock resources to good use

By using well-established rapid authoring tools, we get access to free online and in-built stock resources. This includes stock photos, music, video-sharing platforms, cut-outs and animated content.

Use Customizable eLearning Templates and Themes

eLearning authoring tools are equipped with eLearning templates and themes. Using these templates significantly reduces development time and cost. You can insert your own content, customize certain aspects of the layout such as color etc., and integrate your branding.

Make it responsive

Responsive design helps create a single master eLearning course that can be used across multiple devices. This increases usage of eLearning assets and thereby reduces cost per use significantly.

Optimize the scope

Narrowing the scope of the eLearning project and identifying key result areas right at the beginning helps. contentiSCAPE's STROD methodology begins with the end in mind. This ensures that eLearning assets are prioritized, aligned and effectively managed.

Experienced eLearning specialists

When we say expert, we mean someone who understands instructional design, the features and limitations of authoring tools and is adept at creating learning plans. Experts can whittle down learning time by as much as 80%. Hiring experts reduces overall costs significantly.