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With years of experience in the industry, contentiSCAPE® understands training content requirements for classroom delivery. In this service segment, we help you create content that is required in a classroom training session. From anchor slides to participant workbooks; training activities to facilitator guides, we have it all.

Training Content - FAQ

What are the services you provide in Training Content?
In Training content, contentiSCAPE provides services, which empower trainers and corporates with learner centric content in the form of anchor slides, facilitator guides, participant’s workbooks and training activities. Anchor slides will help the facilitator talk about different topics and cater to the visual needs of the learners. Second, we can develop a facilitator guide which will enable the facilitator to run the session effectively. Third, participant’s workbook is designed to assimilate learning while the facilitator delivers as well as beyond the instructor-led sessions. Finally. Training Activities are designed to engage the learners actively and help in assimilating the learning. All activities are connected to the learning objective of the session.
What’s in it for me?
Training content is relevant for freelance trainers, educators, corporates and even training companies. For trainers, it will help them free up time for more business development and other client facing activities. We offer white label service for our content. Freelance trainers can take our content and label it as their own while presenting to the client. Corporate houses manage so many projects simultaneously. If learning content development is offloaded, to content development companies, then other priorities can be focused upon. Scalability is easily accomplished. Timeliness of delivery is assured, since the content development company is getting paid for this. Quality is assured best in class. As with the freelance trainers, corporates can also avail the white label service and project content as their own.
What is the pricing of these service?
Our pricing is competitive. We look at the scope of the work, do an effort estimate and arrive at a price which will make you happy to move ahead with us. We would want a long-term partnership and not a one-time transactional interaction.
Do I have to buy these together as a package or I can pick and choose whichever I want?
While it is advisable to take a complete package for a module that we would develop for you, we understand that needs can differ. You may not require all our services together. A workbook is perhaps what you would like to buy now. Hence, we give you what you need and recommend what might be beneficial. Perhaps a workbook, or just a facilitator guide for content that you already have or just some add on activities to an existing training content.
What is the process you follow for developing these?
contentiSCAPE designs and delivers content which is developed using instructional design principles and theories. We believe in following a process to develop these. Success Through Result Oriented Design is our methodology. When we meet our customers, the first thing we ask is what is the result / outcome they are looking at. Depending on that, we decide what sort of experience / output we would like to design and deliver, which will lead to the desired outcome.