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We’re also happy to audit training programs. Do you have the resources to provide training but cannot evaluate how effective it is? Does your training program meet global industry standards? If you’re not sure, our audit services can help you be sure. With structured templates and approach, we evaluate training against desired outcomes and provide consulting services on what works and what doesn’t. At the end of the audit, we suggest areas for improvement, content revision or recommend upgrades to your trainer’s facilitation skills.

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Training Audit - FAQ

What is Training Audit?
Many organizations do not have the resources to evaluate effectiveness of training programs. Any training program as we understand, is an investment. Hence Return on Investment (ROI) must be looked at to understand whether the money spent was worth the investment. It is always a good practice to audit training programs periodically post implementation.
How is Training Audit conducted?
We look at the ROI metrics agreed upon during the need analysis stage, and how that looks post training delivery. Objectives, content, facilitations are all evaluated in a planned manner. The facts and figures “as-is” are captured in templates and a report is generated just like an audit report. It shows what is working well and what is not.
Who is Training Audit relevant for?
The audit report is relevant for any organization that has rolled out training programs. The report is particularly relevant for stakeholders who would perhaps like to know whether it was worth the investment. The stakeholders would also be keen to know whether the objectives of the training have been met or not and whether the learning is being applied or not to relevant business situations.
What can be the possible outcomes of Training Audit?
Broadly, there are 2 possible outcomes of any Training Audit. One, is the facilitation effective. What is working well and what’s not from a facilitation perspective? Second, is the content of the training effective, efficient and engaging? If something is not working well from a facilitation perspective, contentiSCAPE has a facilitation skills module, which can help in upskilling the trainers. If the content needs some change, then we recommend the changes and apply instructional design principles and theories to rework the content.
What will be the duration of the audit?
The duration of the audit can be mutually agreed upon. This depends on the content, the discussion with the stakeholders, session delivery plans and accessibility to entire content and return on investment metrices.