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STROD Methodology

  • We develop content based on our proprietary STROD (Success Through Result Oriented Design) methodology and use it to provide bespoke training content. We understand the results (ROI metrics) expected and focus on what behaviors will lead to the desired result. We then design the experience we would like to give learners through the design of the learning content. Knowledge, comprehension and practice are the key elements behind our design.
  • Our learning content is developed by a team of authors and learning experts who bring together business experience and a thorough knowledge of contemporary instructional designing principles. As a result, we deploy world class content.

contentiSCAPE's Instructional Design Values: The 3 'E' s

  • Efficient: Ensure ease in learning assimilation.
  • Effective: Achieve desired results as expected by the customer.
  • Engaging: Make the content look appealing to the end user.

  • In the age of relentless stimulation, contentiSCAPE┬« knows that only instructional design principles and methodology-based content will make an impact on learning. Keeping this in mind, our experienced team of instructional designers and visual content developers deliver best in class service with the tried and tested STROD design methodology.