What is the Approximate Service Cost to Develop a Custom e-learning Program/Course

You are never certain about the fact whether you are spending the right amount of money for what you are getting provided with.

And the same goes for custom e-learning training content program and courses. Whether you are spending way too much for your custom eLearning program to any freelance eLearning course developer or to an eLearning development firm, this question always comes up in your mind.

And needless to say, because of the natural human behavior, you are always concerned about the quality of the product you deserve depending on what you have spent. This is all natural and happens with every product consumer on the planet.

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And to give solution to this usually faced problem in the industry of eLearning, in this article we will get to know about what is actually the approximate service cost to develop a custom e-learning program or course and on what all it depends. It is easier to find companies costing extraordinarily high rather than finding a firm or a freelancer costing sober.

Therefore, this article will help you understand what are the right charges to develop a custom eLearning program and will be a guide to choosing what will be right for you.

The first question that comes up in mind when you have to find a developer to create a custom eLearning program for you is that how much should its development service costs be? This question has a simple answer and it is that is varies.  It depends on a few participating factors which play the key role in any eLearning training development program.

The most important and decision-making factors of them all are:  QualityTime and Budget.  These three factors are the key elements or the deciding factors for a custom eLearning program’s service cost. It can be said that two of these three factors can sometimes given more importance and the other can be slightly ignored in order to fix your preferences. It means that if you want to have good quality content for your eLearning program and are on budget, then the factor of time can be kept aside for a while.


Based upon an ideal or standard grade eLearning course which has audio playback of a certain time limit and a limit of words, with the content and resource provided by the firm or party which wants the final product, and lastly with the most important lot of experts, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), studies and surveys in various flourished countries have come up with an approximate or rough estimate for an average eLearning program’s cost. Let us have a look at it:

Base Pricing or Costing e-learning:  

This includes the base pricing of the whole project. It ranges between Rs.2 Lakh to Rs. 4 Lakh. In case if there is a need from the party to enhance complexity and quality of the standard program, the charge increases by 50%

Time period: 

In this, an estimate of time is proposed. It generally varies between 3-5 weeks. And in case the party wants it before the proposed time, the charge increases by 50%

No resource from the party:

If there is no input from the party in terms of resources and content, the charge increases by 50%

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