Visual vs Content: What is more important in eLearning Development?

Alright let’s start with a basic question: What is preferable, Movies OR Novels??? Movies, I guess…..

Visualization is more acceptable to human minds as compared to novels i.e. written content. I’m going to divide this topic into three main parts-

  1. Why visualization is important?
  2. Why content is important?
  3. Why both are important?

Let’s start with the importance of visualization. Texts, sounds, video, graphics and animations are used to make more enhanced and interactive courses that activate all the sensory channels of the learners, making it more comfortable for them to understand concepts. To add an extra fact to the recipe of the present topic, Visual Design is not only about the use of media but the user experience and the way the learner navigates in a course.

Well, not making it more scientific the User Interface Design declares the usefulness and the effectiveness of an online course.

Now, moving on to the next question, it also revolves around the content you have provided the user with i.e. it must focus mainly on the learning goals and the ways in which they can be achieved.

Learning theories highlight the ways in which the knowledge is processed, absorbed and retained during learning.

So, are they equally important????

YES, they are.

You must merge both the content as well as visualization in order to create an attractive and effective online course that provides a positive experience to the learners. In order to do that you will need to do a comprehensive research. There are many different practices available to give you some colorful ideas for your online course.

To give you a little bummer here, Technology changes rapidly and creates increasing demands when it comes to eLearning.

While looking for something useful for your program, remember to choose the best that meets your learners’ expectations.

To conclude, all I’d like to say to the upcoming designers, that knowing your learner’s needs is one of the most significant priorities you should have while developing an online course.

Another important thing you should keep in mind when developing an online course is your learning goals.

As for the above article, apply all the instructions to maintain the integrity of your presentation.

Emphasizing on the very description I gave you, I’d like to end this article by assuring you that if you work like I told, you will end up giving meaningful experience to your learners.


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