Two Sides of The Same Coin, Learning and E-learning

‘Life is a process of learning and relearning’. From times immemorial, man has been gathering knowledge and learning from everything around him. With the fast paced technology nowadays , the process of learning also had to go under transformation. A common man used to learn through books, newspapers and all other forms of media. Workplaces used to hire people to train their employees on each and every subject. All this was a time consuming process.

The biggest change that enveloped the world in its grip was the advent of eLearning. Now learning and eLearning go hand in hand. eLearning was the solution for the needs of all the learners from all the areas of the world. The content which eLearning enables us to access is very resourceful for educational and training purposes.

Earlier , learning was only available to the people who were wealthy and could afford it. Now, eLearning enables person of every class to be able to learn and educate himself through microlearning, mobile applications, video based learning, webinars etc.

Learning could earlier be done at a specific time and a specific place whereas now the content is available online and at a much faster speed. The online training content provides a solution to the working class who has odd working hours and are hard pressed for time.

The most attractive part of learning through eLearning is that the content is very goal oriented and demand based. Nothing has to be retained which is not required. A learner has to learn through a specific framework and guidelines which does not go outside his requirement. The solutions are upgraded each and every moment which keeps the learning and the training process up to date. Learning and eLearning means the same to a modern day tech savvy person.

eLearning operates at one click of the user and makes the learning process possible even in the remotest areas of the world. eLearning enables the user an engaging experience where he can use the content at his disposal , training or just for the sake of learning. Learning through conventional ways has lost its value as now people have a hectic lifestyle where learning is as important as saving time. There comes eLearning as the permanent and genuine solution . Learning and eLearning complement each other in every way .It channelise the energy of the user in a useful way in goal oriented learning .

As the needs of the learner grow, the eLearning content provides a large ocean of knowledge for the users and a solution for a lot of hurdles too .It suits the comfort of the user and his learning abilities ,whether they are visual or verbal. eLearning is very easy on the pocket of the students as a lot of money is saved which gets wasted in the coaching institutions and same goes for the training of the corporate or government employees. Thus, learning and eLearning is changing the ways of the world and that too, at a faster pace!

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