The Perks of Micro learning in Digital Learning or ELearning

Off late, in the education as well as in the eLearning industry, a term that is being used quite often is “Microlearning”.  The concept of Microlearning was brought into the world to not only benefit the trainers in delivering their training content efficiently, but to serve as a solution to the problem of unnecessary learning material provided to the learning lot as well.

This form of learning and training basically provides its learners with all the required content, without overwhelming them. Because of all that it provides with such swiftness and accessibility, it is now becoming one of the most accepted and celebrated eLearning furors. In this article, we will learn what “Microlearning” is and the perks it offers.


Microlearning, in eLearning or digital learning, is the concept of providing learners with small bite sized nuggets of knowledge or information, which serves all the necessary content in one bite. It allows the students to gain knowledge of the concerned topic in the best, short and effective manner, rather than pouring over them gallons of learning and training material, of which most of it is not required at all.

In this way, it proves out to be the best solution to unnecessary bulk of content provided to the learning lot and helps trainers in making their delivery more efficient and absorptive. It is of the best use when there is a learner who needs content of a specific topic within a limited period. With the help of Microlearning, that learner will be provided with all the necessary information in one bite-sized nugget of material.

Microlearning is not limited to digital learning only nowadays, it is now being exercised in traditional learning and training in house courses also. Teachers all around the globe are inculcating the concept of Microlearning in their conventional routine and making the process of learning into a step-by-step procedure, by providing short lessons one at a time so that it becomes easier for students to absorb and acquire.

EXAMPLES OF MICROLEARNING: There are numerous examples of Microlearning that we can see around us. Twitter has helped its users develop the ability or habit to publish information in a limited set of words, and viewers to gain it in short bite-sized nugget of information. This proves out to be one of the most famous and accepted examples of Microlearning of all time. Another example is of the bulletin boards that we all come across in our schools, colleges or office. It serves to be the bulletin of all the bite-sized important information that needs to be published to reach everybody. There are innumerable examples of Microlearning, not only in eLearning, but even in general world if you look around. In eLearning, compiling all the essential content (in short) with informative animations, graphics, and images to make it more engaging, is the best way to serve Microlearning nugget to any learner.


  • Microlearning gives its learners the access of getting information in the form of nuggets, so that it becomes easier for them to grasp or comprehend.
  • It is the best solution for the people who do not have long hours to devote to full sessions of training.
  • It is easily accessible. That is, it can be used whenever and however the user wants to. It can be accessed through mobile phones, tablets, or computers all around the globe.
  • It does not require its learners to sit at place in a disciplined manner for a specific time. It can be done on the go, for example while waiting for your bus at the bus stop.
  • Because it has the right amount of textual content with equal number of images, and animations, graphics and images, it becomes all the more intriguing and efficient for the learners to understand.

With all the above-mentioned advantages, Microlearning is definitely going to help eLearning up its game in the education and training industry.

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