Micro learning in Digital Learning or E-Learning

  • Does it sound familiar when I ask you the following questions?
  • Has it ever happened to you that you were provided with some intense and lengthy training/ learning course and content, but what you did was just scan through it and not actually gain anything from it?
  • you’ve registered for a 5-day training program, but ended up learning nothing from it?
  • Sounds familiar, right?

It is not something to be ashamed of.  We’ve all been through this, and it is not just our fault too. There is no denying the fact that learning is tough, and it takes time. Also, it is always suggested to not indulge in learning too much in a short span of time, because majority of it is simply going to get washed off within a day. Now a very important question arises, and that is: What is the solution then? Well, for the ultra busy lifestyle of the employee lot, as well as the student lot, the process of learning and training should be precise, short and self-paced. And this is the sole purpose or the concept of Microlearning or Micro-eLearning. In this article, we will get to know what Microlearning is and how does it help in digital learning.


Microlearning or Micro-eLearning is basically a concept of learning and training approach that provides content to the learning lot in short, bite-sized pieces which are relevant, according to the learner’s need and to the point. Microlearning encourages self-paced approach of learning and allows the learner to take control of his/her learning process. This concept is not actually a new one, as it has been prevailing for a really long time in the world of learning, but was not considered as a potent tool for the same. It is still considered to be an example of Informal Learning because it is unscheduled in a way.


Microlearning is not limited to having just smaller content training modules, there is quite more to it. Let us have a look:

  • PROVIDING SPECIFIC AND RELEVANT INFORMATION: Every training program’s content is divided in two parts: Need to Know information and Nice to Know information. While eLearning provides both of the above information in its modules, Microlearning makes sure to provide only the former (need to know) one. This in turn saves an ample amount of time, by making Microlearning and training modules targeted and specific. And proves out to be the best solution to confusions that are created in general training courses for what is important and what is not.
  • ACCESSIBILITY: It is not mandatory to operate a computer while learning through Microlearning modules, unlike regular online training programs. It is accessible on mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, iPads, etc.  And the short duration of these modules makes it attainable for mobile access.
  • ONE STEP AT A TIME: This is one of the most important features of Microlearning that sets it apart from all the other concepts. While general online training programs focus on serving multiple objectives at a time, Microlearning deals with only one performance objective in each of its module. This helps learners in learning one thing at a time, and move on to the next one only once they are perfectly done with the current one. The perfect solution to all the problems, one step at a time!
  • BITE-SIZED NUGGETS OF INFORMATION: Be it an all-text content, short video-clip, PDF, animation, an infographic or a podcast, with the concept of serving one objective per module, a Micro Learning module does not call for more than 10 minutes from its learners. It is so specifically designed that in that short span of time it makes sure that important and relevant information is given out in the best and interactive manner.

To the point information, short span of time, self-paced learning- these key elements of Microlearning with the abundance of advantage that eLearning provides, this amalgamation of the two mind-blowing ideas (eLearning with Microlearning) has turned out to be the best way to deliver all kinds of short and specific  training and learning programs.

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