Is E-learning An Enhanced Approach of Learning & Training

e-learning is an enhanced approach of learning and training which promotes more exciting and engaging content delivery with the help of technology. Some people think that adding audio, videos and graphics to PowerPoint presentations converts them into eLearning training modules, but is not so.

A lot goes into making the perfect eLearning course that is presented to us, the audience.  And the most important and deciding factor for an eLearning program to be successful is the set of Instructional Design Strategies behind it.

Instructional Design Strategies are the ones responsible for how an e-learning content will be taken up by the audience and how well will it get grasped by them. Technology simply facilitates the whole process.

The advent of digital learning or e-learning in the field of education has purely taken it to another level as a whole. With the help of e-learning, education and knowledge, which were once considered to be some things which could not reach remote areas, are now being assimilated to masses everywhere.

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In this article, we will get to know what all goals eLearning can help us achieve and which all has it already helped us to conquer.


For people who are not able to dig out time for conventional class room sessions are given the best gift by e-learning as they have been provided with the ultimate solution to their timing and physical presence problem, because e-learning has enabled them today to make the process of learning and training all according to them and “self paced”. In this way, every student or learner can get the chance to gain knowledge whichever way they feel comfortable in and for however long they want to.


e-learning has made it possible for almost every person on earth to have access to at least the most basic of education. This is because it is accessible through any device, be it from computers to mobile phones and tablets. e-learning has helped the world to make literacy something that is obtainable, irrespective of physical presence and time constraints.  The world of training and learning has got a new face with the evolution of e-learning and is definitely going to reach newer heights and places quite rapidly.


It has been observed by all that when it comes to compliance training, not only the employees or learners lose interest just by hearing its name, but even the employers who are supposed to make their employees get trained on compliance and laws, believe in it being just a mere formality to be completed to stay away from legal matters. This problem has been given a solution by the one and only e-learning. It has made it easier for learners to understand all the laws that are concerned with the firm, by making the whole e-learning training program infotaining, easier for trainers to deliver their content and learner friendly in terms of time flexibility and accessibility. This has made the usual boring and mundane compliance training an interesting and easily understandable course.

These were just some of the goals which e-learning has helped us reach, and there are many more that will be reached by e-learning solely which will lead us to make the world a more educated place.

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