Instructional Design an Emerging Profession

So the most highlighted and trendy term in the market today is Instructional Design. Why such hype about this term, well here is your answer to the much awaited question. Instructional design is the systematic process of creating content especially for corporate training. It incorporates and works on certain principles to design appropriate content based on the needs of the audience.

Instructional design is an emerging profession because content development is an issue that is a concern for every organization today. Training is something organizations cannot do without, for this they need content that clearly addresses the learners’ needs.

Instructionally designed content is more organized and systematized in its approach.

Steps in an instructional design –

  • Need analysis
  • Content design, development and delivery
  • Implementation and Evaluation of the learning

So why do we need instructional design?

  • To develop engaging content for learners
  • To create computer and web based programs
  • Create the course outline for the program in a sequential manner

Well this is a brief overview of how instructional design functions, but the question now arises how can it be a prospective career option? So, the answer being, instructionally designed content obviously requires in depth thought and tireless efforts to create an engaging content. Who will do that? Obviously not a layman’s cup of tea, but yes any layman can become an expert in doing so by taking up the course of instructional design and getting certified as an “Instructional Designer.”

Now before you ask who is an instructional designer, he/she is the architect and backbone of all content creation using instructional principles. Of course first you need to get certified only then can you design content but it’s worth the effort.

Let’s now take you through the role of an Instructional Designer

The role of an instructional designer is classified from the scratch of the instructional designing program. The instructional designer conducts the need analysis, creates the required content, specifies the learning objectives to be achieved and monitors the entire process of instructional design. He is responsible for selecting how the instructional activities would be conducted that is what interactive exercises would be incorporated to evaluate the outcome of the learning delivered.

The instructional designer has to work closely with the artists and programmers to convert the content into videos, e-learning modules and digital library to ensure that what has been envisioned is delivered within the time, budget and technology available.

He also needs to work on the storyboard creation designing what videos, audios and images need to be presented to the learners. Therefore, he needs to be well versed with the changing trends in content development and delivery. He has to be updated with the technological trends that is what technology is being used to access e-learning content, is the computer, notebook, tablet or the smart phones as of now. He also needs to be aware of the tools being used to create content.

Well to be an instructional designer you need to have these skills-

  1. Ability to recognize the need and fill the performance gaps
  2. Good communication skills
  3. Learner engagement skills
  4. Designing content that is crisp, precise and comprehensive to the audience
  5. Proficiency in using MS office suite and Google search

Now that we know who an instructional designer is and how crucial his role is in instructional design, let’s give you a short brief of the career prospects awaiting the instructional designer-

  • The top key players in the e-learning market do have a need for Instructional Designers who can design content for them.
  • This can be pursued as an independent career option. It is a virtual program so it solves the problem of travelling for work.
  • People looking for a career switch can opt for Instructional Designer as a viable option
  • Become a full-time content developer for either one’s own organization or consultant to various organizations
  • Get certified to train people in Instructional Design as a course

So, that was a short brief about instructional design. Now that the doubt and queries are answered, you can think of becoming an instructional designer!


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