Innovative Instructional Design Approaches To Enhance Your E-Learning Experience

It is well known by the whole world now that the industry of eLearning without Instructional Design is nothing. And looking at how important it is, there is no denying the fact that Instructional Design has emerged as a field and has evolved as a field of interest for a significant lot of people.

In the industry of training and learning, the birth of eLearning has changed the perspective of learners as well as trainers in the way how content should be delivered and how it should be. And all of the other problems concerned with the same, like sequencing and framing content, getting to know what the learners want and discovering innovative approaches to deliver it, are dealt with the solution given by the path breaking concept of Instructional Designing.

The concept of Instructional Design focuses on making instructional experiences so impactful that the procurement of knowledge and mastery becomes more exciting, efficient, engaging as well as captivating. The whole idea of instructional design is not limited to just what it is, there are different Instructional Design Approaches involved to make your eLearning experience as alluring as possible.

In this article, we will get to know about some of the ID Approaches which are responsible for all our favorite eLearning experiences.


  • One of the most liked approaches of all, Gamification, is loved by both the sets concerned, that is, the learning as well as the training lot. It has helped in changing monotonous and mundane training content into a whole new way of delivery and hence has turned out to increase engagement amongst the learners.
  • Gamification provides us with the excitement which a game always comes with, but with the benefit of inculcating the required knowledge with the same. There can never be a better solution than gamification to all of the problems concerned with audience engagement and acknowledgement.


  • Another gem that Instructional Design Approaches provided the planet with is the concept of Microlearning. In Microlearning, bite-sized chunk of content is provided to the learner, which is to the point and has no extra or unnecessary load of material that is not of any use.
  • What is generally seen is that, training and learning content is provided to the learning lot in such abundance, that the main essence, or the main point that should be grasped, is lost in between the lines. In this way, efficiency of the course goes to the least possible level.
  • So, the solution to this is given by Microlearning, simply by giving away sliders or bite sized chunks of the required and necessary knowledge and content.


  • When it comes to even smallest of the things that we do, for example, to get a gift for a friend, we tend to analyze the person concerned, in the way that, what does he/she like, and all the other preferences. In the same way, a concept called Learning Analytics, introduced by Instructional Design Approach has been in the industry for quite a while, and has made sure to make its name known all around.
  • Learning Analytics was firstly considered to be illegal as it was thought that it breaches a learner’s privacy. But now it is just not thought about in this way, as it has helped its clients in getting to know what their learners’ preferences are all by their browsing activities.
  • Before its advent, people used to have a tough time surveying their audience to know how they want their learning and training experiences to be. And to solve this problem, the solution was given by this innovative approach of Learning Analytics in eLearning.

These were just some of the Instructional Design Approaches of eLearning, which have helped in making the delivery of training content easier for trainers and helped the learning lot to grasp it in the best possible manner.

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