A Glance at E-Learning Design Essentials

eLearning has become an essential in this fast paced world. It is impossible to think of a world without eLearning in this technological era. There are certain guidelines which need to be followed when designing an eLearning content. The and foremost thing that needs to be kept in mind is the psychology of the participants who would be using the eLearning program as a solution to update themselves. Be it students, trainers, teachers ,corporate or government employees for multiple training purposes. The main target of eLearning designers is to give the users an easy to operate experience and a satisfying learning outcome.

The main eLearning design essential that should be kept in mind while designing an eLearning program is to make sure that the overall presentation is gripping to the user who is learning through it. The beginning of the content should allure the user to go on with the program rather than switch off to some other page or program for solution. The structure of the content should be simple and lucid. The text should be well aligned and the length of each line should be short and should not strain the reader’s eyes or interrupt the training process

Other eLearning design essentials to be kept in mind are that there should not be lengthy paragraphs and the content should be divided into divisions so that it is easily readable. The font to be used for the designing of the training program should be of an appropriate size and the colour of the font should be bold. The colours used should be complementary to each other. Multi colours can be used as a solution if the eLearning course includes labelling and highlighting various diagrams and points. The heading should particularly be of a larger font with bold colours so that it adds to the learning experience

As it is a common saying ‘Excess of everything is bad’, we need to know that while constructing a solution for the eLearners, there should be nothing used in excess. Graphs, diagrams, images should be used where needed. It is because an excess usage of these may distract the learners from their training purpose and it may ruin the whole point of eLearning. For eLearning design essentials, our main aim should be to make the learner completely absorbed in the course which will only happen if the content, style, design, font, presentation goes well with the learning process.

The constant efforts while designing an eLearning content is to keep the structure and the material as simple as possible. It is because the needs of the users may vary but the material should be such that it satisfies every eLearners. There should be reviews and feedback taken from the users and the design should be upgraded as per the needs of the training process. Every step for the e-Learner should be a learning experience which keeps him gripped till the end of the course. The eLearning design essentials should include all the solutions for the perfect construction of an eLearning content.

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