Factors Pertaining Instructional Design Certification to Gloriously Embark Your Journey

Instructional design optimally utilizes to appeal and ensure the effective and efficient functioning of the educational learning experience. These instructions vary from developing a manual, to the management of an investment portfolio. Instructional design tends to concentrates on the teachers and their plan of action.

Learning design focuses on the teaching-learning process that occurs in a lesson, a small part of learning or a course. It is believed to be utilized often at the centre of a small group teaching. Learning design tends to focus on the tasks/opportunities for students.

With a Venn diagram, we can understand that though there is a difference between the two, instructional design would be enclosed within the circle of learning design. Instructional design is developed within learning design as its qualities ensures it fits there. This tells us that an instructional designer cannot carry out the tasks of a learning designer but a learning designer may perform the functions of an instructional designer. However, instructional design is developed to be more accurate and appropriate, giving it a definitive definition.

Certificate programs for learning and instructional design obviously differ. Since learning design certificate programs has observed a decline, there is an increase in the certificate programs for instructional design. This is more prominent through an online modem.

Four main factors to overlook while opting for a certificate program revolves around the course design, content, instructor and support systems. This is mainly applicable for distance learning. These factors need to be assessed and overlooked for optimum learning.

  • Invariably, instructional design certificate programs include the following in their course plan:
  • Effective development of eLearning courses.
  • Utilization of Instructional technology to develop the curriculum.
  • Application of instructional design theories and modules.

Similarly, the course plan of learning design tends to focus on any activity, situation or technology that can engage and ensure effective learning takes place. Ergo, we can understand that learning design certificate programs do not have a common base ground for the course plan but evolves with the pace of various factors such as the students, the teaching method or the technology.

Learning and instructional design certificate courses have gained more attention being taught on an online platform with the advent of online learning. As online learning is now gaining significance and is being proven to be as effective as classroom teaching, people are opting for these certificate courses.

Learning design is found to be ineffective in comparison to instructional design, as we cannot design learning but we can design instructions more effectively. This was also due to, as initially stated, that instructional design is more precise and definitive as opposed to learning design. Instructional design practices can be viewed from a behaviourist/cognitivist perspective as opposed to constructivism.

These Instructional Design certificates programs can be found instrumental for an educator or instructor. An instructional design or learning design certificate program can support in the development of curriculum and such, providing a more absolute contribution.

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