eLearning Instructional Strategies for Employees

At the present time, professional leaders know what it feels like to have a pool of talented employees, as they are the most important and crucial ingredient to propagate their companies and always keep them a class or an edge apart. And if the same lot is provided with an organized set of eLearning training program, then it simply serves itself as icing on the cake. Online education or eLearning has become the solution to even the smallest of the problems faced by any sort of organization or firm. This is the reason why many business leaders opt for eLearning training programs for their employees, which gives them an opportunity to enhance what they already have, that too all according to their schedule. All this ultimately leads to more engagement in workplace and improvement in performances of not only the employees but the organization as a whole.

Learning is a constructive operation that is generally operated in two levels. The first one is Social Level. And the second one is inside the brain or in the internal thinking of the learner or student. The first level begins between people when the instructor directs a situation to the learner employee. In this way, the student employee follows the instructions of the mentor and does what he or she listens to. The second level begins when the employee starts to remember the whole procedure inside his brain before handling anything independently or on his or her own. Keeping this theory in mind, the content of employee eLearning training program should be designed and developed.

The training material should not necessarily be limited to work, but it should help employees grasp knowledge to help make their working standards higher. Although the content delivered by this type of eLearning program does not provide any new information or skills in terms of the student employees’ work concerned, the training does give a promising impact on its audience, learners as well as most of its students, so much so that the effect can be seen in the workplace quite soon after the session. In this article we will get to know about some instructional strategies that should be kept in mind while designing an efficient employee training development program.

The way how we approach is really important, because often it is thought that employee training programs are too good to be real, so in order to keep things as real as possible, serious subjects, that are just not required should be totally cut off.  And as eLearning is self-paced, it becomes more important that the training program has the ability to grab attention of the learners and student, without submerging them into the sea of boring unwanted content.

One of the most trusted ways to engage and excite your audience is to put mysterious yet intriguing short video clips or animations in the training content, and ask thought-provoking questions after it finishes. This takes the employee audience and employee student engagement to a whole new level. It helps in keeping the employee students “hooked” on to your program.  Another thing that should be kept in mind is that citing examples and scenarios in the content work in the best possible manner, as they put the employees in real-life situations and push them to think what they would have done in the given situations to dig out solutions.

For example, a scenario should be created by making characters, giving them common names that are relatable, and put them in day to day situations that the employees have to face daily. Sensitive cases like bribery being offered, and harassment at workplace, etc.  can be role played or shown in a video clip, to make an emotional connect with the audience. This will then let them form judgments and decisions emotionally as well as meticulously.

If all this is taken into consideration while designing an Employee Training and Development Program, then there wouldn’t be any doubt if it turns out to be successful when delivered. Apart from all the eLearning side, organizations can provide its employees with the path breaking inventions like Digital Library, which can be a solution to the ones who can’t physically go to the conventional libraries.

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