E-Learning: How Should Synchronous Training by Instructors Be Carried Out

Synchronous eLearning as the name suggests is that kind of eLearning training type in which there is real time interaction of students with the instructor. While most of the students find it really engaging and easier to understand through Synchronous eLearning, the task of instructor in this one becomes more complex. It is because this type calls for an instructor who is impromptu and quick witted to handle any given situation right on the spot.

Synchronous eLearning requires a trainer who is not dependent on a written script or just a limited amount of content to deliver. There can be many possibilities to handle, like because it is carried out in real time, students ask questions, therefore the trainer needs to attentive but focused at the same time.

There are many more prerequisites and things to keep in mind for an instructor to carry out synchronous eLearning training program for any given audience. In this article we will get to know about

how an instructor should carry out synchronous training program in eLearning.

Let us have a look at the most important or crucial points that serve as the solution to all the problems an instructor can come across while presenting a training program:

  • RULES AND REGULATIONS: It is observed that the one who is more disciplined leaves a strong impact on people and is remembered for life. The same is applicable here. An instructor with his or her own set of rules and regulations for the students allows the session to be disciplined but effective at the same time. The instructor should make sure that the students understand how important these guidelines will be throughout the training and learning program. In this way, it will serve as a solution to the usually faced problem of class disturbances caused by activities in mobile phones and laptops.
  • LOW TEXTUAL CONTENT AND MORE VISUAL OR ACTIVE CONTENT: A successful synchronous eLearning and training instructor always makes sure that his or her content is not completely text based. It is highly recommended to pay less heed to textual content addition in eLearning; rather it is recommended to incorporate visually appealing and engaging videos, animation and graphics along with exciting activities to for an emotional connection with the audience.
  • INTERACTIVITY WITH AUDIENCE: Interaction with the audience is a must for an instructor who has to carry out Synchronous eLearning training program. The instructor should make sure that he or she doesn’t forget while delivering the content that communication with students is a must. The trainer or instructor should have the habit of interacting with the audience in every 3-5 minutes or after completion of every small topic. This gives the students opportunity to ask questions to get solutions and clear their doubts.
  • PROMOTE GROUP COLLABORATION AMONG STUDENTS: One of the key elements for a training program to be successful is student group collaboration. And a very efficient synchronous eLearning training instructor can carry out such activity. An instructor should always promote group collaboration as it allows students to communicate with each other as well as with the instructor himself. This will help in boosting audience engagement and will allow them to offer inputs confidently.

By keeping all the above points in mind, any trainer can become an efficient synchronous eLearning training instructor and help spread the light of education all over the world.

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