E-Learning Development and Its Future

Looking at today’s scenario of the education system, it wouldn’t be a surprise for us to see it become more expensive in the coming years. If being expensive wasn’t enough, traditional learning and training programs, which are carried in-house, may vary in results and take quite a long time to get completed.

To serve this problem’s solution, educators introduced to the world, the incredible contrivance of eLearning.  With its emergence, eLearning has simply evolved with time, and is definitely here to stay. The reason for this is simple. It is a fact that computers, mobiles, tablets, and other technological devices are increasing their ownership exponentially, and with the advent of eLearning, it will just make it easier for learners globally to get professional degrees and certificates in the concerned learning and training courses in the most viable as well as accessible manner.

To facilitate the process, internet connection speeds, globally, are increasing at a really high pace, which has enabled majority of the population of the world to be a part of the renowned “digital world”, which you and I are a part of already. eLearning has become extremely famous among learners all across the globe, so much that prestigious institutes and universities like MIT, National University of Singapore and Hong Kong Universities have incorporated eLearning in their curriculum to make possible for students all around the world to be a part of their organization and learn. The certificates offered by these institutes after their eLearning programs hold great illustriousness in all the concerned industries.

Let us get in depth to know about the key-elements or tricks or trends of e-Learning

that made it so efficient through the whole process, and are still going to help it shape for the future.

  • CUSTOMIZED LEARNING: It is simply the tailoring of learning and training content, curriculum, and surroundings according to a learner’s aspirations and needs. It provides flexibility of time, and the opportunities to learn in ways that suit their own personal learning styles. With so many perks to provide with this element of Customized Learning, eLearning served as a solution to a lot of people globally who were looking for something different from traditional classroom training courses.
  • GAMIFICATION: Gamification is something that has been introduced to the world by eLearning only. Gamification of education is nothing but an innovative approach towards making the process of learning engaging and exciting by the concept of ‘learning through gaming’. It is found to be the most popular and enjoyed among the learning lot, because it is always more appealing and fun for them. It also serves the purpose of enhancing hand-eye coordination of students, with increase in IQ and brainpower. The concept of gamification helped learners to build problem solving skills with the approach of solving multiple puzzles in a limited amount of time.
  • WEARABLE TECHNOLOGIES: A lot of mind-boggling innovations like Moto 360, Oculus Rift, Apple Watch, and Google Glass have been seen to flourish in the eLearning industry. Their incorporation has simply taken student engagement to another level. It enables the learners to interact with the content multi-dimensionally. The whole concept behind bringing virtual reality into online education industry was to engross learners within the content with 3D and real-time simulation.

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