E-learning Development Advantages

We all know and understand now that eLearning has been existing for a couple of decades. But it is only in the last couple of years that most organizations out there have tried to understand and take notice of the dynamic benefits of eLearning and understand eLearning development advantages

It’s now time for new and fresh content, not stale power point presentations being presented as intelligent eLearning. Just copy pasting learning material that is templated does not work out anymore. The major advances that we’ve seen in technology, and the teaching theory about how to best apply technology has many eLearning development advantages.

The high-performing learning and development teams in most companies are now realizing that their strength lies in defining the strategy, and then trying to learn how learning can support their business goals. The next step is to closely work with an eLearning company and outsource their eLearning content development, in order to quickly produce training that is effective for their employees.

Below, we have tried to outline the top five most known reasons why internal learning teams are now enjoying outsourcing their custom eLearning development.

  1. Save time:

When you can develop customized eLearning at the pace that your business requires, it gives you the time to focus on other things.  The result then would be truly custom eLearning, in a very short time period.

  1. Save money:

When you maintain a low headcount, you have the chance of variability in the workload – When you outsource eLearning development, then your internal learning team is being provided access to expert advice on demand. This relieves you from employing extra employees, and thus saving money.

  1. Access to creativity:

When you work together with an external team, you have access to a full suite of resources by building truly engaging eLearning experiences. Imagine having a customized team of videographers, graphic designers, and technical experts that give a booster to your in-house learning team. You will also have the ability to produce and have fun, engaging user experience for your learners.

  1. Go beyond the normal:

When you create sound eLearning courses, then you’re going beyond the path if instructional design. Most of the instructional designers these days don’t understand the nuances that eLearning is rooted in an approach that maximizes learning retention.

  1. Have business goals – and can achieve them:

When you have a metrics based approach, then you already have your business goals in place, and when you partner with an external company, then you have two teams to fight your battles for you. Most custom eLearning have stringent quality parameters that do not allow substandard or plagiarised content, and make sure to stick to metric-based business goals. This means you are going to get the opportunity know your business drivers – to create customised eLearning modules that will eventually lead to a big impact on your business, if used the right way.

Once you truly understand what the eLearning development advantages are, you are sure to start implementing eLearning development with new rigour!

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