E-Learning Authoring Tools To Make Your Content ‘Wow’ Worthy

With the advent of eLearning, the world of education changed for its own good. It has made it so easy to deliver and understand general content, with the added advantage of the process of learning becoming self-paced all according to the students. Training has become easier than ever before, and to deliver a custom training content, eLearning has not only made it easier, but even more engaging, captivating and exciting for the audience, ensuring that their interest is never lost.

However, to do so, that is, to frame eLearning and training content into a program that always holds the grip of audience’s attention, task-specific eLearning authoring tools are used. In this article, we will get introduced to some of the eLearning authoring tools that make those exciting courses and programs all worth it.

There are some really good options out there for eLearning authoring tools, which are specific to meet the needs of the learning lot, be it a batch of students from school, government sector, private sector, business sector, or management sector. Each authoring tool is tailored to serve the solution of meeting all the problems concerned with general or conventional content of training programs.

Let us have a look at some of the best eLearning authoring tools that you can get your hands on.


  • Articulate Storyline is a product of Articulate. It provides its users with customized workspace along with in built templates to make your eLearning course interactive, alluring and exciting.
  • To work with this software, a little bit of learning is required before hand to master the process of working with it.
  • Storyline enables its user with the feature of it coming in 5 languages, which makes it easier for the ones who have trouble working in only English language.
  • It imports all of the existing content made in prior versions of Storyline as well as other products of Articulate in the form of PowerPoint slides, so that there is no loss of data, and everything is preserved for future use.
  • Its price is Rs.117646.40 for the Standard Package. With this comes the benefit of unlimited live web chat and screen sharing.


  • Adobe Captivate 9 is an eLearning Authoring Tool to frame receptive, impressionable and interactive eLearning content.
  • While designing an eLearning training program, there are different storyboards formed in order to keep a blueprint of how it should be framed.
  • Adobe Captivate offers you the solution to storyboard loss, as it updates all of the information storyboards concerned and uploads or publishes it on the cloud.
  • And there is no requirement of another app or software to do so. It also imports PowerPoint presentations into eLearning projects.
  • Its price is Rs.70056.30 for full license while for a monthly subscription it costs Rs.1911.73.


  • It is a feature packed eLearning Authoring Tool. It works as a PowerPoint add in and it amplifies the efficiency by providing with features with that can only be found in iSpring Suite 8.1 and in no other eLearning authoring tool.
  • This software converts your PowerPoint presentations into accessible eCourses which can be used on a regular HTML website, or any SCORM compatible LMS.
  • There is no additional consideration required to make your programs compatible with any tablet or mobile device, simply because of its awake designing.
  • All of the existing training and learning content is preserved into PowerPoint slides. Its price is Rs.44430.61 for single user.

These were just some of the best examples of eLearning authoring tools available for all of us to design our very own eCourses and content. With these tools along with it, eLearning is never going to look back and instead will lead all of us to the future. 

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