Current e-learning Development Trends in India

Introduction:  eLearning is defined as an attainment of knowledge and skills using electronic mediums such as computer, internet based courseware and local and wide area network. eLearning is a way of providing training and development to the employees through various electronic media such as internet, audio, video

Scope of eLearning : eLearning is growing in India but at a slow pace if compared to international markets. Yes it has a wide scope in the Indian markets since eLearning is present in two phases-

  1. it is used to provide course to educational institute
  2. it is used to provide training to employees in the corporate

The Global eLearning Industry Market

The global eLearning Market is expected to reach $107 billion by 2015. The global self-paced eLearning market reached $32.1 billion in revenue in 2010, with a five year compound annual growth rate of approximately 9.2%. The global eLearning market is estimated to have revenues of $49.9 billion in 2015.

Top 10 Growth Rates by Country

Growth rate shows how each country adopts eLearning and is a significant indicator since it can reveal revenue opportunities. The growth rate of self-paced eLearning by country is:

  1. India: 55%
  2. China: 52%
  3. Malaysia: 41%
  4. Romania: 38%
  5. Poland: 28%
  6. Czech Republic: 27%
  7. Brazil: 26%
  8. Indonesia: 25%
  9. Colombia: 20%
  10. Ukraine: 20%

Let’s now talk about the current eLearning trends prevalent as well as fast growing in India

To make learning more interactive and engaging various elements are added to the eLearning courseware. Some of the most popular ones are

  1. Blended learning approach- this has a mix of all text, audios and visuals that help make the online course more engaging for learners to take advantage of the learning.
  2. Gamification- this may sound a bit technical but it involves incorporating games in your courseware to engage learners better.

Well apart from the growth of eLearning in India, there are still challenges with eLearning India. Since majority of the population in India is still based in the rural areas, concept of eLearning is nowhere to be heard. In fact imparting normal face to face learning to people there is an issue in hand.

Talking further about the future of eLearning in India, it does have a large scope in the corporate sector. In fact government is working actively to provide enough financial capacity to support the growth of eLearning in India.

To conclude, eLearning has a long way to go in the Indian markets, therefore, organizations especially the giant ones are focusing on the applications required to deliver effective eLearning training.

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