Compliance Training For Employees Made Easier With E-Learning

The literal meaning of compliance in the business world is – Certification or confirmation that the performer or the perpetrator of an action, or the producer of a product, gets by all the legal preconditions, rules and regulations, and standards and terms of a contract.

And as the name suggests, ‘Compliance Training’, is the practice of educating employees about their responsibilities towards the firm concerned. It involves the process of learning and understanding rules and regulations, terms, and laws of the concerned firm. Any organization that practices Compliance Training automatically has the solution to a number of problems that a lot of them generally have.  It not only makes the workplace a more gracious and congenial one, but also more disciplined and competitive. It helps in detecting and eradicating violations that can be made by employees that might drag the whole organization into legal issues.

Compliance Training is considered to be a really boring one, so much so that organizations have to bribe or threat their employees to complete this course, all because of its content. But technology has moved its hand over compliance training too and has aided the world by introducing compliance training through eLearning, that has become the solution to notions of it being boring. The reason being simple, that the required time frame to complete the training is specified; in this way, the trainee can take up the course according to his or her schedule, whatever suits him or her best.

The best strategies to keep in mind while making eLearning Compliance Training programs are listed below:

  • VIRTUAL MENTOR: If the learners are more accustomed to learning and understanding with a trainer or an instructor, a virtual mentor can be surely introduced along with the content, which can provide the human element to the whole eLearning process by making it more relatable and intriguing.
  • VOICE-OVER AND RIGHT TONE: It should be kept in mind while designing a Compliance Training program that its aim is to bring about behavioral changes among the learners. And these changes cannot be forced; therefore, it is a smart move and quite an effective one too, to adopt a voice over with the perfect tone which is friendly rather than intimidating. This helps in making the whole course of getting the message through among the audience way more efficient.
  • CITING EXAMPLES: By providing case studies as well as real-life examples along with the mundane content, it becomes easier for trainers to make their learners understand the actual impact of abiding by the rules and regulations of the firm or organization concerned. Given below is one of the most effective example policy that can help the audience get engaged in a more efficient way:

The best way to help employees inculcate what is learnt during Compliance

Training eLearning Programs along with the Virtual Mentor and Voice Over, is by adopting the ‘Worst Case Scenario’ example policy. In this, there is always an example cited that shows why are the policies and regulations important and when are they supposed to follow them.  It is important to show the learners what are the consequences if the rules and regulations, the terms and conditions as well as the policies are not followed.

And there are a lot of examples to cite, that can actually show the worst-case scenarios, which can help the employees form an emotional connect, proving to be the ultimate solution to the problem generally faced during Compliance Training eLearning Programs. For example, in case there is an Ethics Compliance Issue, the worst-case scenario can be a scandal that can bring a drop to the stocks of the organization, while if there is a Security Compliance Issue, the worst-case scenario can be a breach that itself can prove out to be a hazard for the organization concerned.

Therefore, in this way, with the help of Compliance Training eLearning Programs and its content, any organization and its employees can have a solution to learning basic ethics, rules and regulation, or we can say, basically the Code of Conduct of the firm concerned.

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