The Breeds and Utilization of the Instructional Technology Functions

Instructional technology is an effective area of study that ventures into analysing, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating the various technology and materials that can be used to improve learning. It is the implementation of technology to an educational environment to ensure that a solution for curbing the space in teaching is constantly evolving.

Instructional technology is also used to eradicate the educational concerns such as motivation, discipline, dropout rate, school violence, critical thinking and various other issues. With the constant evolution of the technology, listed below are a few of the technology used in an educational environment to ensure that optimum and maximum occurrence of learning takes place.

listed below are instructional Technology Functions

Interactive Whiteboard

This is an instructional tool used to project the content from a computer, onto a board with the aid of a projector. The contents on the board can be regulated by the instructor by using the finger as a mouse directly onto the board. Functions such as dragging, clicking, adding and copying the text on the board can be manipulated by the instructor through his computer which will automatically be carried out on the board. It is an effective tool in complying to interactivity and collaboration with integration of media into learning. It caters to a group of students that eliminates the need for individual computer for each student.

LCD Projectors

An LCD projector is similar to interactive white board disbarring the functions that are related to manipulating the content on the screen itself. LCD projector is the new age technology that enables a multimodal form of teaching. This type of technology provides better interaction between the teacher and the student with multiple platforms that makes learning fun.

Computer Based Training

Computer Based Training (CBT) is type of instructional technology that can be used to study any kind of material primarily using a computer. It uses mode of software, educational or corporate intranet or the internet. Ideally it uses a common network where multiple individuals have access to the same teaching material or technique. Though it may be applicable for other subjects it is fundamentally used for computer based subjects. This kind of technique ensures that effective method to provide hints is used or provides a platform open for solutions. This was developed to ensure remote access was also an available option.

Instructional Simulation

Simulation refers to the pedagogical strategies of learning that instigates the utilization of virtual learning environments. It is effective as a technology to simulate the required environment is applied and learning occurs through this domain. It is quite pertinent for distance learning where the concept is easily ensured to be understood by the student. Simulation is now mainly significant through the invention and development of virtual reality.

These are the few relevant instructional technologies that undergo evolution and development to ensure that the world of learning has constant upgrades, minimising the counter effects.

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