Best E-learning Content Provider – Telling the Best from the Rest

E-learning content providers are a dime a dozen. As the prospective client of one such provider, how do you choose? How do you know that the company you approach will provide effective, creative learning solutions and satisfactorily meet your requirements? In other words, how do you know that you have employed the services of one of the best e-learning content providers in the business?

The most obvious impulse would be to check out their website first. An e-content provider’s website is always informative apart from listing the services they provide, a website offers insight into the team’s strengths and interests. For example, a top e-content provider’s website is likely to have carefully designed, attractive content. This is usually a good indication of the fact that they have a team that is capable of designing engaging content for clients. Page layouts, use of multimedia tools, website design and their attention to detail will all give you an idea of what you can expect from them.

Once you’ve been through their website, it’s always good to know who their other clients are. Are they big brands who trust this content provider with their e-learning requirements? Are they companies who are likely to have similar requirements as you? Is the content-provider experienced? Have they catered to a large and varied clientele? The best e-learning content providers either cater to a niche clientele with specialised, similar interests or have the resources to service companies with diverse requirements, across industries.

What services can you expect from e-learning content providers?

The best content providers never underestimate client profile: they understand their audience and customise content and medium to make it accessible to them, particularly. For example, in addition to making content available online, content providers may also offer training and performance support on smartphones and tablets. For people who depend on cell phones for their jobs, m-learning may be more effective.

Top e-learning content providers understand the importance of making learning a personal, invigorating experience. As a result, they will offer excellent Instructor Led Training (ILT), to deliver classroom-style lectures at a fraction of the cost. The best in the business understand the need to make learning a challenge. They are likely to intersperse training with incentives like games to encourage learners to take active part in the learning experience. The best e-learning content providers understand where to draw a balance: how much animation, video or text content should one use in order to simultaneously remain relevant and retain the attention of the learner?

An e-learning content provider understands that learning isn’t a one-time thing. Learners regularly need refresher courses and material to keep the foundation rock-solid. Top e-learning content providers will design follow-up course material to keep the team interested and sharp. Providers are constantly striving to offer result-oriented services. If they have the expertise, they may even offer branding and communications solutions to help you build and grow your brand. Others will offer programs that cater to individual growth junior, mid-level and senior professionals alike can benefit from programs that ultimately contribute to the growth of the organisation.

Some even offer certification courses for their clients. Being certified by a top e-learning content provider is similar to receiving a diploma or a degree from a credible university you are assured that the course you have completed meets global standards.

At the end of the day, top e-learning content provider or not, you have to ask yourself whether the hand fits the glove. Does the content provider you’ve chosen understand your requirements? Are they empathetic to your vision and your goals?

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