Beating the Competition: Making it to the List of Top Ten E-learning Companies

To remain relevant, e-learning companies must constantly innovate. Rapidly changing technology means clients have newer demands every day and the e-learning industry must be prepared to rise to the challenge. A quick Google search reveals that all the firms that make an appearance in a list of e-learning pioneers have one thing in common: they have all embraced the idea that change is the only constant. Simply put, to be among the top ten e-learning companies, you have to be dynamic and open to new ideas.

If you belong to an e-learning firm that is looking to make its mark, remember that in today’s intensely competitive market, you will be pitted against a number of similar companies looking to establish themselves. Your challenge is to keep your head above water, find your niche and keep your customers interested.

So what must you do to survive the deluge and find yourself on a list of top ten companies in the e-learning industry?

The trick is to offer your customers something they won’t be able to get anywhere else. It is important to identify your USP, but you must rely on more than just clever marketing to see you through. The top ten e-learning companies made the list because they’ve recognised the value of pioneering e-learning solutions in specialised areas. Their learning solutions, which employ gamification, mobile learning and blended learning techniques offer customers fresh, engaging content with enduring benefits for learners. All firms that make the list of top e-learning companies are passionate about creating interactive solutions, keeping learner profiles and behaviours in mind. As a result, what the customer receives are customised learning solutions, created with an aim to meet client goals and objectives.

Suppose you’ve identified your USP and can boast of a number of satisfied and loyal clients. You’ve kept your head above water, kept pace with innovations in learning technology and your learning solutions have given customers a bang for their buck. You’re new, you’re good, but how good? Here are some parameters market research companies use to evaluate e-learning companies. First and foremost, the quality of your e-learning content. This one’s a no-brainer; if you’re creating and selling content, it better be good. In addition to this your firm’s e-learning expertise and industry innovation are crucial to the ratings you receive. Of course, customer reviews are tantamount; the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. Finally, the usual suspects your economical growth potential, ability to retain customers, your employee turnover and social responsibility will all contribute to an assessment of how successful you are.

As e-learning solution providers, you’re essentially bridging the gap between traditional chalk and talk methods of teaching and technology. Your job is to marry the two and offer 21st century learners the best of both worlds. Your client profiles and requirements will be varied, but it is up to you to convert challenges to opportunities. At the end of the day, the quality of your learning solutions, your ability to satisfy and retain customers and the growth of your company rely on your ability to successfully meet different kinds of challenges.

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