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contentiSCAPE is an instructor-led and digital training content development provider with expertise in bespoke eLearning development, organizational learning, blended delivery, LMS management & learning support. As technology-enabled learning outpaces class room training, learning and training requirements have changed – with increasing demand for delivery that incorporates e-learning. contentiSCAPE is in the business of making e-learning engaging: we combine technology and methodology to deliver innovative, attractive, learner-focused content. Our eLearning modules offer greater freedom to the learner to choose the place, pace and duration of study.

eLearning - FAQ

What is eLearning?
eLearning is learning by utilizing electronic technologies. Content is accessed outside of a traditional classroom. eLearning has 2 aspects to it – one, the flow and design of the content and second the development of the content using authoring tools. The design and flow of the content is created by the instructional designer and the development is done by the technical person who is fluent in the authoring tool.
In contentiSCAPE, we create eLearning content using instructional designing principles and theories. “Learning” is our single most focus. This is then visually created using authoring tools. Various functionalities in the authoring tools help in creating interactivities and engaging features. eLearning modules are published on Learning Management Systems. The Learning Management System (LMS) can be that of the content provider or of the client organization. eLearning can be accessed by learners anytime and from anywhere. These are device friendly and hence can be accessed through laptops, mobiles, tabs or even iPads.
What is the process for creating eLearning module?
eLearning is developed by applying instructional designing principles and theories. In contentiSCAPE, we first research on the content topic. Chunk it up to create a flow. This is then transformed into a storyboard template which details out the On-Screen Text, Graphics and details of the same, Voice Over text and any development notes that will help the developers to build the module using Rapid Authoring Tool. The developers use the storyboard to then create the desired output.
What are the key things to remember when designing eLearning modules?
In contentiSCAPE we keep in mind number of things before even beginning to design content. The design must be instructionally sound, of course—it must support and lead learners to the desired levels of skill and knowledge.
eLearning must match the characteristics of the learners. It must fit the circumstances of the learners—their schedules, and their need for support from a live instructor, engagement in the form of various functionalities as well as assessments. Ensuring compatibility is also a key requirement for any eLearning module.
How will eLearning be accessed by users in my organization?
The eLearning output can be published onto any devise – laptop, desktop, mobile, tab or iPad. Hence, you can see the eLearning output anywhere. While developing content, we ensure devise compatibility and adherence to technical standards like SCORM and other globally recognized ones. Our eLearning output will “play well” with any Learning Management Systems. eLearning modules must sit on a Learning Management System. If you do not have one or if you are not planning to buy one soon, we in contentiSCAPE can help you with publishing content on our Learning Management System. Users will simply have to login to the system and see the modules.
Are the eLearning modules off the shelf or will they be customized to my need?
contentiSCAPE is in the business of providing customized or bespoke eLearning solutions. We ask the customer what sort of outcome / results they are looking for, we then derive what behaviors we would want to address through the learning and then design the experience we would like to develop to arrive at the desired results.
Can eLearning be published in other languages apart from English?
Yes, it can be published in other languages apart from English! We can make the content available in various languages such has Hindi, French, German, Spanish and more. eLearning has not boundaries or limits. eLearning can be taken to any learner or any country.