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DIgital Library - FAQ

What is a Digital Library?
A digital library is a library of content created on Learning Management System. This content is designed keeping in competencies that are needed to be addressed. Digital library is a collection of publicly available pod cast, videos and white paper/articles. Our team of content developers research for the requisite material and then combine and arrange the same in a logical manner. A Digital Library can sit either on our Learning Management System or on the client organization’s Learning Management System.
What are the benefits of having a Digital Library?
A digital library comes with it’s own benefits.
  • Digital Library is ideal for organizations who have employees who are geographically dispersed. Learners do not have to come out of classrooms to attend training sessions. Learning is online and asynchronous.
  • Digital Library is completely self-paced. While organizations can have timelines specified for modules. Learners can read or listen to the content as many times as they would like to.
  • A digital library can be reused. A one-time investment and the content is there for you to use and reuse as many times as you would like to.
  • Low cost is another benefit. In a digital library, what you pay for is the consultative research time spent in putting the library together. The only additional charge would be if the LMS service charge is added to the same. If the library sits on the client’s LMS then, the cost goes down further.
  • You also save up on the time that you would have perhaps invested in if you were to create a library like this. Creating a digital library requires thorough research, classification and matching. First, research on the required content, second classify the same as what would add value and what would not and finally match the same to the level of the learning required.
  • What is the difference between eLearning and Digital Library?
    Both eLearning and digital library are forms of online learning. eLearning is developed using a rapid authoring tool where as digital library does not require any software. eLearning has interactivities which enables learners to do certain things as they are learning. Digital Library is not interactive. It has content which can be read, listened to as well as watched.
    What if I want a mix of Instructor Lead Training, eLearning and Digital Library. Would that work? Or, Digital Library can only be implemented by itself?
    Ofcourse it will work. Blended learning is the need of the hour. A combination of instructor-led and online learning is what will go a long way and help in assimilation. Typically, we would recommend 60% of instructor led and 40% of online learning. You could also implement Digital Learning by itself. contentiSCAPE is in the business of bespoke content development. Hence, we can develop based on the customer’s need.
    How much time is needed to create a digital library?
    Typically, it would it 5-7 days to create one. However, depending on the need the time would vary.