About contentiSCAPE

Our Vision

contentiSCAPE believes in offering client-partners world class bespoke development services in learning content. We simultaneously offer learning solutions that maximize human potential and promise a high return on investment. As an organization, our vision is to further human frontiers by bringing together the latest research in the areas of neuroscience, learning technology and business practicality to deliver learner-focus.

What is contentiSCAPE?

contentiSCAPE® is a brand of Strengthscape®, a business psychology firm headquartered in Bengaluru, India. We are a full-service learning and development company. We understand that each company has unique employees and training requirements. As a result, we offer bespoke customized instructor led training content as well as e-learning solutions based on client needs and instructional design principles and methodology.

  • At contentiSCAPE, we develop content with our proprietary STROD methodology. Our bespoke training content and supporting services enable organisations to plug gaps in competency, ensure an engaged workforce and align learning content with their strategic imperatives. Since our clients deserve only the best, our learning content is developed by a team of learning experts who bring together business experience and contemporary instructional design principles to create world class content.
  • Our dedicated workforce, efficient processes and cost-effective infrastructure ensures an attractive ROI on an organization’s investment in content. We’ve integrated eLearning, Digital Library and Instructor Led programs. Learners have the freedom to learn in an environment customized for them.
  • Strengthscape operates at all levels of professional training: Assessments, curriculum design, development and deployment.
content + i + SCAPE = contentiSCAPE
/'kɒntent/ + i + skeɪp/

The word contentiSCAPE includes three elements “content” meaning any learning information made available by a website or other medium, "I" meaning content which is designed using instructional designing principles and theories and "scape" meaning view. Coined @ Strengthscape in 2017, contentiSCAPE stands for the landscape of learning content which is designed using instructional designing principles and theories. It signifies learner centricity in it's ethos.